Standard Features

  • ‘ABLE’ cranes have high quality structural assembly which ensures acquiescence with ISO 4301
  • ‘ABLE’ cranes have minimum maintenance and emergency interlude
  • ‘ABLE’ Cranes have easily adjustable limit-switches
  • Load tested to 125% and certified by ‘ABLE’ from tests undertaken in our own workshops
  • For more details on each component kindly refer our 'Downloads' section

Our Range

Lifting Capacity 5 tonnes to 100 tonnes
Span Range Upto 40 Mtrs & more on request
Hoist of Lift As per specific requirements
Class of Cranes Class of Duty / Standards: Equivalent to M3,M5, M7, M8 as per IS 3177 / IS 807
Crane Controls From floor through Pendant Push Buttons, Optionally through Radio Remote Control / cabin with master control
Drive System Twin Drive through Squirrel Cage Induction Geared Motors with built-in fail safe brakes
Motors Squirrel Cage Induction / Slip Ring Hoisting Motors with built-in fail safe brakes for Hoisting, Cross Travel as well as Long Travel. Insulation Class for all motors B/F
Brakes Built-in Brakes for Hoisting, Cross Travel and Long Travel Motions.
Power Supply System To Hoist and Cross Travel through Trailing Cables / Drag Chain To Crane through Shrouded Bus Bars / Trailing Cable / MS Angle Iron Conductors / Bare Copper Conductors (depending on customer's choice and application)
Speeds Selected depending on client specifications / applications / shed dimensions.